Tomáš Randus

JavaScript/UI Developer

Phone: +420 724 023 901

Work experience

  • 2014 ‐ Present

    Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

    Lead Front-end Developer

    My role in the organization is to define and develop JS and CSS for a big news site content delivery platform.

    The platform supports 60 languages across 200 countries. It contains right-to-left and up-to-down character sets (Arabic, Chinese...). It's fully responsive for modern browsers. We have weekly ~3.5m unique visitors and more than 2000 editors.

    My responsibilities:

    • Javascript (React, Redux etc.), SASS
    • System architecture
    • Leadership
  • 2014 ‐ Present


    Develper and Consultant

    As an independent specialist I have done:

    • React, Redux, ES6
    • AngularJS intranet modules for an automotive company
    • PhantomJS + Node.js website preview rendering API
    • SVG interactive infographics
  • 2013 ‐ 2014

    Summit Media

    Lead Front-end Developer

    My role in the company was:

    • To implement less CSS (guidelines, training, tools)
    • Backbone.js development, training
    • To develop WYSIWYG editor for Magento eCommerce solutions
    • To develop big eCommerce solutions (custom development)
  • 2011 ‐ 2012

    Unity Mobile

    Product Manager

    As a technical person I managed a product development of new WYSIWYG website builder for eCommerce websites.

  • 2009 ‐ 2011

    Sanoma Media (cz/hu/fi)

    Mobile Product Manager
    Product management (Payment solutions, iPhone apps), Education, Training
  • 2004 ‐ 2007


    Founder, CTO, JEE/JS Lead Developer, Product Manager

    As a co-founder of the company (6 empl.) I was there:

    • CTO, Senior Java Developer
    • Product manager
    • Business Development Manager

    We produced:

    • White-label SW platforms for TELCO (marketing tools, web builders)
    • A micro-payment solution
    • JME mobile games and business applications
    • Content delivery platforms (E-book reader, streaming platforms)
  • 2003 ‐ 2004


    JEE, JME Senior Developer
    Banking SW projects, TELCO & Game development

About me

Name: Tomáš Randus
DOB: 01 August 81
Nationality: Czech Republic


Looking forward to work with you on great software projects.


Bachelor of Media Communication - Charles University ‐ 2012


English: 80%
German: 10%


Available on LinkedIn: or ask me for direct rerence contacts.


  • JavaScript

    I have been working with the JS for years. I know the language, tools and libraries well.

    • React - I'm enoying the 'read-only' virtual DOM approach and readable project architecture. I can use the React right way and integrate that with many tools and libraries. I teach that and write articles about the library.
    • Redux - it's a great implementation of an ultimate design pattern that helps me to create predictable state apps. So that I can manage the app state like never before.
    • Webpack - I like the idea of budnedling and the dev-server. It makes me fast.
    • Grunt.js - I can prepare and maintain rich buildscripts with many tasks. It's helpful for development, deployment and testing automation.
    • Backbone.js - The library allows me to structure code well. It is so light-wight. I have a deep experience with the Backbone.js.
    • AngularJS - I know the design patterns and API of ANgular. I'm able to develop applications with that.
    • Node.js - This is my main server and terminal tool for everything. It's the best. I know the platform and use that every day.
    • Google Closure Tools - I'm used to structure my code in the Closure way - namespaces, anotations... I use the Builder and the SOY templates.
    • Phantom.js - I can integrate the tool in rendering and testing scenarios (TDD, End-to-end).
    • Jasmine, Ava, Jest - the test tools that I use whihin my JavaScript projects. I combine the libraries with Grunt and Webpack.
    • SeleniumHQ - I have an experience with the end-to-end testing by Selenium webdriver in combination with the Nightwatch.js and the Jenkins CI
    • jQuery - I can develop straight and easy-to-read code with this powerfull tool. I have been teaching this sometimes.
  • CSS

    I know how to create good CSS styles. I also know browsers limits and 'special' capabilities.

    • less - This is my favorite tool for building CSS for years. I know that very well and I'm teachning that sometimes.
    • Sass - I have implemented Sass (in its CSS back-compatible syntax) on a project of the CMS for Voice Of America and Radio Free Europe there are tens news sites based on my work.
  • Java

    • Java EE - I have a long-term experience with server and desktop development in Java. (I have ended with the Java 6)
    • Java ME - During my work for Cleverlance and Wirenode I spent 3 years as a Micro Java developer for MIDP and CLDC devices. We have published many business and entertainment applications.
  • Cloud App Engines and Machines

    I prefer to use new modern APP engines instead of real or virtual machines.

    • Redhat Openshift - There are many Node.js applications that I have developed and hosted in OpenShift Cloud.
    • Google APP Engine - I know the old App Engine (PHP and Java) and also the new one (cartridge based).
    • Amazon AWS - I can setup and use virtual computers in Amazon Cloud and also know some of additional services (S3, CloudFront...)
  • Integration

    I can use GIT in big workgroups. I like the Github flow strategy.

  • Additional skills

    During my carrier I have spent some time as a product manager that helps me understand a wider context.

    • Product Management - Because of my experience with product mng. I can write specifications, user stories and measure product properties.
    • Business Development - I can analyze business aspects and setup a go-to market strategy or count a project ROI.
    • Media Literacy - It's my hobby. I have studied media on an university. I'm still interested in medial principes and the future of industry.